What would you do if you had been single for three centuries and a half, you wanted to have kids and every man you met seemed to have more issues than the last?If you could no longer rely on your best friend and realised that your other friends didn’t seem to know or understand you after all?

If you felt called to do something else in life but had no idea what? If your emotional batteries had been running on empty for far too long?

Roby, a 38-year-old Italian woman living in London, decides to take a break from life as she knows it, however interesting and activity-filled she has tried to make it, and escape all the negativity and sadness that she just can’t seem to shake.
She heads off alone for three months’ backpacking around Sri Lanka, South India and Nepal, and decides to try a radical new approach: if all our pain comes from unmet expectations, what would life be like if we planned nothing and surrendered any attachment to how things turn out? This is going to be her great experiment, travelling with no plans whatsoever. ‘Universe, I Trust You’ is what she tells herself on the flight to Sri Lanka and adopts as her mantra while exploring that lush paradise. But… is the Universe to be trusted, or will this dazzling stranger let her down like all the rest?

This is the incredibly honest, fresh and funny true story of what can happen when you let the Universe lead you onto the dance floor of life. In its pages you will already find the seeds of what would then blossom through my coaching journey. Ready to discover them, all the while laughing, smiling, reflecting, learning and visiting a lush exotic paradise?

"Universe, I Trust You" won second place at the Book Fest Awards Spring 2023 edition, in the self-discovery and travel journal category, and was selected to be projected on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square, NY, on June 20th, 2023.